YouTube Will Remove Dislike Counts For All Videos

YouTube now makes an important announcement that they will stop showing dislike counts on videos. But the dislike button will not be replaced.

Today YouTube has implemented many required updates that will be highly important for the creators. The company decided that it would stop showing dislike numbers on videos. It does not mean that viewers can’t dislike video or use the button. In simple terms, users can use as they are using before, but YouTube only does not show dislike count to visitors. This step is taken for creators and to secure from harassment.

Before, people are using YouTube to take personal revenge against an actor or influencer. The group of people will hit the dislike button rapidly in the video who they do not like. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Bollywood is targeted; viewers will press the dislike button if any Bollywood video comes. However, now YouTube implemented changes for good.

Why did YouTube Initiate This Change?

YouTube experimented earlier this year, whose purpose was to decide if this change would reduce dislike attacks and harassment on creators. This initiative of removing public dislike count affects creators well — being. Also, it may encourage campaigns to add dislikes to videos. However, dislikes indeed indicate to others when videos are clickbait or misleading, which can be helpful.

YouTube heard many times from small video makers who have started their journey and say they feel targeted by attackers. Through this trial, it is confirmed that small channels creator are being targeted more than considerably.

YouTube experiments with different dislike count, like adding a button of dislike that shows below thumbs button down rather than disapproval. But this is the final design on which YouTube settles and this minor attention-seeking change in the line of engagement.

YouTube company is not the first who adopt this change of reducing public visibility that conveys people’s emotions. For some mental — health problems. A few years ago, Instagram started testing to hide like counts globally. It is created to achieve likes that can harm its group and make creators less interested in expressing their thoughts.

The change of dislike count will start globally on all YouTube platforms.

Originally published at on November 11, 2021.



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Ombir Sharma

Ombir Sharma

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