Unexpected Delays Have Been Made By Joaquin Phoenix In ‘Joker’ Sequel

Ombir Sharma
2 min readApr 18, 2022

The fans of Joker are blaming it upon the bloated ego of Joaquin Phoenix that he is the one who is causing a delay in Joker 2. Let’s find out who exactly is behind all this and why?

Soon after matt reeves, the batman became a hit, fans were very much excited to see the sequel of the film the joker that will be starring Joaquin Phoenix. Todd Phillips’ 2019 masterpiece ‘Joker’ is back in talks from the time when the sequel surfaced. According to the information, it has been known that the sequel is in the works at Warner bros. However, the shoot has reached an unexpected halt because there are a number of film critics that are taking place on social media. It has also been said that the delay is all because of the actor and the fans have blamed it on the actor for keeping his nose too high.

Joker Sequel

Probing further, as per the information, it has been known that the delay on the ‘Joker 2- joker sequel’ script had not made much headway. Although Joaquin Phoenix is the actor who is not having a good image he is not the reason behind the delay of this sequel. It is not yet clear who is the reason behind the actual hold-up. Some are saying that the delay is all because of the actor whereas some are saying that it is because of the director. Therefore, some of the other fans are blaming it on the unnecessary obstacles created by Phoenix. So, there are no exact reasons behind this delay.

Meanwhile, we would tell you that fans are blaming all this on Phoenix for throwing tantrums because he has become a huge star after the first film. He also knows that no one can pull off this character so well as he did. Knowing that he is irreplaceable, fans are making all these assumptions.

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