Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Use NFTs In Profile Pictures

NFT fans now have a new reason to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription, thanks to Twitter. The firm is currently testing new functionality that allows NFT owners to verify NFTs in their profile images. Only Twitter blue subscribers can use the NFT. Want to know more? Let us keep you updated with the concept.

Good news for Twitter blue subscribers

The functionality, which is available as a beta “Labs” option for Twitter Blue customers, allows NFT owners to link their cryptocurrency wallet to their Twitter account. Then they can use an NFT as their profile photo. While many NFT owners currently have the art in their profile photographs, the Twitter Blue feature will include an emblem. It will be indicating that the NFT has been validated. It will show the person behind the account is the true owner of the artwork.

NFTs will attract more power to the subscribers

While Twitter has previously said that it is working on an NFT authentication service, it’s worth noting that the feature will be available initially to Twitter Blue members. In November, the business launched the $3/month membership service in an attempt to attract to power users. It is only for who would be willing to pay for specialised capabilities. According to the corporation, the NFT function is “still under active development,”. It’s unclear whether it will be made more generally available. Early-stage “labs” features, according to Twitter, are experiments that might become available outside of Twitter Blue. But they will be maintained around for subscribers, or be killed off completely.

Originally published at on January 22, 2022.



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