‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’- Cd Projekt Red Has Been Delayed

All the fans should not count on playing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s next-gen update in the near future. The reason for this is that cd projekt red has delayed the free upgrade’s release till further notice and after the decision to finish out the project with an internal development team instead of Saber Interactive. The company is further interested in evaluating the necessary “scope of work,” according to a statement. The Wild Hunt update has originally been stated to arrive in the second quarter. This means that it will most probably come by the end of June.

Probing further, this is something that is going to refresh the 2015-era game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with ray-traced lighting, faster load times, and possibly other features that will be taking all of the advantages of modern hardware. This all is going to be the complete edition with expansions and other content, including all of the material that has been inspired by Netflix’s Witcher series.

We have decided to have our in-house development team conduct the remaining work on the next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We are currently evaluating the scope of work to be done and thus have to postpone Q2 release until further notice. 1/2

- The Witcher (@witchergame) April 13, 2022

There is no certain reason that prompted the decision to drop the outside studio. This is not at all an attempt to avoid a repeat of Cyberpunk 2077’s buggy launch. Therefore, this will not be a surprise for you if CDPR exercises caution. This is going to be the last Witcher release until the new title is based on Unreal Engine 5. This is definitely going to be a polished experience that will make sure gamers have a favorable opinion of the series by the time the follow-up arrives. So, don’t think about the gaming till further updates.

Originally published at https://www.activenoon.com on April 14, 2022.



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Ombir Sharma


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