‘THE ENDGAME’ Does It Right With The Cat-And-Mouse Play Of Cops VS. Criminals

With the success of “ The Blacklist”, NBC continues to tread familiar grounds. As seen with the latest crime drama “The Endgame”. It is a well-made and fast-paced, and an enjoyable thriller. Although, how long that can last is a matter of chance. Morena Baccarin has recently been cast as a mysterious femme fatale. This development adds a new wrinkle to the show.


Elena Federova, played by Baccarin, is an international armaments trafficker. She has a slight Natasha Fatale twang to her voice and a dazzling threat in her eyes. The series begins as the FBI takes Elena into custody. But it’s clear that she’s playing a much greater game than the FBI. She does so by staying several steps ahead of them. Her operatives attack seven banks in and around New York City. Surprisingly they have no clue about their real agenda.

Elena informs her captors, “You’ve messed with the wrong woman”. “Don’t poke the tiger with a short stick,” she tells them afterwards.

Despite the fact that the top brass is inevitably ignorant, one agent, Val Turner, sees the scope of the plot. Elena and Val have a shared past. However, she carries a burden in the form of a disgraced spouse. Nevertheless, Val is plainly the sole person on the other side of the chessboard whom the criminal mastermind acknowledges.

What Makes The Endgame Stand Out

“The Endgame” follows a highly serialised storyline, unlike “Blacklist” and many other network crime dramas. The series not only sets out an intricate plot, but also flashbacks of Elena’s upbringing and marriage to Sergey.

The show’s tension is focused and intense. The setting of a classic battle of wits between the core pair of characters. Elena seemed to have considered every possible option and prepared for every eventuality.

This series, created by Nicholas Wootton, may encounter similar problems in the future. But as of now, it is a must-watch thriller drama. Elena negotiating to save her nicer-than-prison-orange outfit in the midst of everything else is a witty scene. Furthermore, it debuts following extensive promotion during the Olympics and Super Bowl.


For the time being, “The Endgame” makes enough good choices to pique the interest of the viewers. While it doesn’t reveal much about the finale, it piques your interest. It increases our curiosity to find out where this complex system will ultimately go.

Originally published at https://www.thenexthint.com on February 22, 2022.



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Ombir Sharma

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