The Chainsmokers Set to Headline NFL TikTok Tailgate

The Chainsmokers will perform at MaximBet Music at the Market powered by DirecTV in Downtown Los Angeles on Friday night. Lil Baby and Gunna, the recently crowned chart-topper, will be joining them on the bill. The duo have released a new song called “High.”

We’re ecstatic to be returning to the SoFi Stadium campus on Sunday to headline the NFL TikTok Tailgate before of Super Bowl LVI! We couldn’t be more thankful to the NFL for this chance after two years off the radar. stated in a statement, “We can’t wait to see you there.”

TikTok will have the chainsmokers as tailgate

The Chainsmokers will perform at the NFL TikTok Tailgate sponsored by Intuit TurboTax Live at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles before Super Bowl LVI. For the second year, the NFL has teamed with TikTok for an exclusive pre-game event, which begins at 11:55 a.m. PT (on the league’s TikTok account, @NFL). Guests from the NFL, TikTok developers, and live musical performances will be featured on the hour-long live programme. The Chainsmokers’ set, which will include a performance of their new single “High,” will be aired during the Pregame Show.

Originally published at on February 9, 2022.



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