Robert Downey Is Back As Tony Stark Aka Iron Man, All Thanks To Morbius

Do you know? It was the year 2019 and everyone was sitting and waiting anxiously waiting for ‘ Avengers: End Game’. Along with this, we on the one hand had so many theories from fans about whom we might bid goodbye in this Avenger movie. Whereas some of the fans were saying that we are surely not ready to see any of their favorite avengers end game die. Therefore, much like the anticipation, the worst did happen.

Tears were rolling down the cheeks of fans because everyone realized that this is the last time we will be seeing Robert Downey Jr. in the costume of Iron Man. However, it now seems like things are turning in our favor as star Jared Leto is keen on having a Marvel crossover, which includes our very own Tony Stark as Iron Man. Hence, this is the most delightful news for all the fans who love to watch Robert Downey as Iron Man.

With the addition of Morbius to the marvel cinematic universe, Jared Leto believes that his vampiric anti-hero will face off against robert downey jr Iron Man as well as with some of the other mcu characters. Through a conversation with Screen Rant, Leto talks about what he is looking forward to when it comes to the future of Morbius. He points out that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe ties, it’s only natural for his titular character to cross paths with some of the best Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland ‘s Spider-Man. However, Leto’s biochemist-vampire meeting Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is the crossover that interests him the most.

Can We See Iron Man In The Marvel Future Movies?

There are no expectations at present but we can only assume that we can see Iron Man. This is because the keen interest of the fans will make the directors bring Iron Man back. However, there are no proper updates; these are just the assumptions.

Originally published at on April 25, 2022.



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