Joe Biden Is Rated To Be The Worst President For Handling The Afghan Matter — The Next Hint

Reuters has recently claimed that the American people are not happy with the way the Afghan matter is being handled by the President, Joe Biden. Democrats should worry about this because people are not happy with their matter handling. As everyone knows that Afghanistan’s fiasco has resulted in havoc as trouble is taking place on the land of Afghan. The United States of America was there to handle this matter but their matter handling has instilled paranoia among Americans.

Moreover, this has become the biggest worry for the democrats. Just after endless condemnation by the global media for abandoning Afghanistan, Joe Biden’s job approval rating has now hit the decline rate because of performing things without a plan. It all started with a healthy standing of an impressive 55.5% of the presidency approval rating, but now it seems to roll down slowly and slowly. And one day it will reach the spiral of disapproval. The major and most recent problem in the matter is the ‘end of the Afghan war’ that left the nation in hands of the Taliban.

As per the information, the job approval rating of President Biden started to fall off in June when it hit from 55.5 to 53%. Then later on in July, it came to 52.2%. But, the most worrying figures appeared in front of democrats on Monday, as it came to 46%. Therefore, these are the figures that hit similarity with the approval ratings of Barack Obama. He was the one who started from 65.5% and by June 2009 it fell off to 60%. However, it is still much more than the approval ratings of President Biden.

Probing further, there are only two reasons behind this that pre and post-Afghanistan matter. With the pandemic slowly phasing out and proper vaccine drives it replaced the fear of COVID outbreak and Americans were getting back by focusing on their things. The pre and post-Afghanistan periods have made a lot of differences. Soon after the withdrawal of US troops from the Afghan border, there was maximum damage. Hence, this is the only reason why president Biden has been rated to be the worst president among the three preceding presidents who handled the Afghan war.

Originally published at on August 24, 2021.



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