Is “Jungle Cruise” Movie as Act Racist as Original Disney Ride?

Over the years, numerous of Disney’s theme park places inspired many films. The Country Bears( 2002), The Haunted Mansion (2003), and the famous Pirates of Caribbean series. The jungle cruise is a new inclusion to this sub — group. The film director is Jaume Collet — Serra; and movie is released in cinemas and on Disney + with Premier access on July 30. The holiday box office collection is $90M around the world.

Jungle Cruise was in the list at the time the theme part opened in 1995, and since it has become an attraction for viewers.

But this time, the Disney ride faced racism, and after its release, the viewers are unhappy by repeatedly seeing the same racist face. However, it is depressing addition in light of Disneyland’s bold move to separate evident racism from its theme parks.

The Jungle cruise film follows Dr. Mysterious adventures of Lily Houghtons and frank Wolffs. While sailing in Amazon on the shaky ship, they encounter eccentric characters like Trader Sam.

It is a problem that lies in the film. The Jungle Cruise film tries to recreate the iconic racist characters.

The Back Of Water

The film Jungle Cruise is action-filled and gives a thrilling experience for the viewers and the entire family. Houghton & Wolff are on tout for finding a legendary old tree that provides healing powers that magnify the latest medicine.

Trader Sam (Veronica Falcón) is initially introduced as the same as Real Disneyland character. Besides gender change, Trader Sam is still a caricature of a domestic person. However, Trader Sam is not a caricature. She is instead using people’s racist presumption against them to scare all of them.

Out With The Old

Recently Disneyland has gone through with some changes that are digital and other. For perspective, to change people’s minds, they removed crows from Dumbo at Disney Plus. They also removed Trader Sam from the Jungle Cruise attraction.

The racist image of natives raised eyebrows of people for years. However, now Disneyland moved to manage this problem while it is in the control of the public. The jungle Cruise was stimulant, but the action was long late.


Disneyland is not alone in trying to recreate its trade name. In comparison, everybody is living in the golden age of the social media period. Those companies who do not come socially conscious are quickly going into the public eye.

Although there is a vast difference between being performativity growing and, in reality, practicing developing ideals, Disneyland and Jungle Cruise declare to be doing latter. Still, it can see that they are performing.

The character of Trader Sam in Jungle Cruise may not be racist as a Disneyland character. This is a low bar, mainly thinking that the authentic individual best smiled and presented shrunken heads rather than a real personality.

Originally published at on November 10, 2021.



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