‘I Forgot To Speak Like Batman While Shooting’ Says Robert Pattinson

When he is not Bruce Wayne, the batman has said in such a low hoarse tone to throw people off regarding his original identity. Each and every iteration of Batman had its own distinct version of the voice. It has been found that Robert Pattinson is the one who has worked on his own iteration of the voice but has fallen so flat. In the middle of the shoot he completely forgot how a batman sounds. On Wednesday’s episode of ‘ Jimmy Kimmel Live’, he was a guest for the March 4 release of the movie The Batman. Over there he says that he developed a whispering voice for the character and thought that it is something different. However, two weeks after the shoot he was said not to do this again.

Probing further, in the same interview, Pattinson has also said that he eventually learned that the wise thing was to keep working till the voice got right and he did the same as well. He eventually has to get back to the classic deeper, husky voice which has become a signature of the character. However, he recalled that people reminded him that he is not the only one who tried to experiment on something like this. Nick, who was working in the costumes department, reminded him that Christian Bale also did the same.

Pattinson says that I found out from Nick only how Christian Bale did on Batman Begins as well. He was the one putting me in the suit every day and told me what exactly happened and said that there is nothing to worry about because a number of people did the same. Hence, if you will listen to the trailer of the Batman Beings then you can find out for yourself what exactly happened. Hence, this is the same thing that happened to him as well.

Originally published at https://www.activenoon.com on April 20, 2022.



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Ombir Sharma

Ombir Sharma


Ombir is a SEO Executive at The Next Hint Inc. He is a SEO and writer has 2 years of experience in these respective fields.