Henry Cavill’s Life Is Going To Change Forever After The Interview With Graham Norton

At present, Henry Cavill is entertaining us with his portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher Season 2’. However, it seems like the actor’s fantasy is not at all limited to ‘ The Witcher’ only. As he is the one who is seen having an interest in doing ‘ Warhammer ‘ and also some other fantasy adaptations.

Through an interview with Empire Online, Henry has talked about why there hasn’t been a big, solid Warhammer 40000 adoption yet. He says that I think Games Workshop has been very protective of their IP, and this is one of the great and wise decisions of all. There are no loads of TV shows and movies all done poorly. Everything needs to be handled perfectly and needs to be handled to a Lord of The Rings level. And if it’s not, I’ll be massively disappointed.

Furthermore, Henry showed interest in playing the character of Eisenhorn. He has claimed that I don’t know about Eisenhorn necessarily when we have got Valdor and Primarchs out there. He also says that it is an out-geeking Empire without even trying. After all this, Henry talks about why he enjoys Warhammer fantasy. The reason for this is that it is all because of the Total War games. He also says that I was the guy who bought all of the warhammer 40k fantasy armies, books, and all of the codexes and would just read them. I was not having any chance to not actually play with anyone but I would get all the lore and learn all the rules. If I were to have the opportunity to show this as a live-action, then I would be very much ecstatic. Therefore, this is all how the life of Cavill is going to change forever, after the graham norton show.

Originally published at https://www.activenoon.com on April 15, 2022.



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Ombir Sharma

Ombir Sharma


Ombir is a SEO Executive at The Next Hint Inc. He is a SEO and writer has 2 years of experience in these respective fields.