Facebook To Rebrand Itself And The Name Is Going To Be ‘Meta’

Facebook the social media platform is no longer going to have the name Facebook in the future. In the future, the Facebook social media platform is going to be rebranded as Meta. Facebook is going to change its name in order to distinguish its beleaguered social network as it is having an increasingly poor reputation across the globe. The company is pinning its future on a promise of the metaverse.

The brand is very much linked so tight to the product that it cannot possibly represent everything that we are doing today in modern times. Mark Zuckerberg said that let alone in the future. Facebook further said that from now we are going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first. Hence, this is the most important promise that Facebook has given to the people for the future.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the new name of Facebook during the virtual keynote for the company’s connection event. Under all this new arrangement, Facebook and the family of applications will be there in the division of the larger Meta company. However, the most important thing to be known by you is that the Meta company is still going to be led by Mark Zuckerberg only.

The restriction bears some similarities when Google restricted itself into the alphabets, the holding company is now operating Google along with some of the other bets that are DeepMind and Nest. Facebook along with everything said that it is perfectly planning to separate Facebook Reality Labs, its AR and VR group from the rest of the company when reporting out the financial performance. In the new statement, it was added that the corporate structure is not going to change. The company is also going to change the stock ticker from FB to MVRS by the month of December.

Originally published at https://www.activenoon.com on October 30, 2021.



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Ombir Sharma

Ombir Sharma

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